Oliveros Fine Photography

My interest in photography started in 2001 when at a corporate event I met my future bride opposite the lens of a camera. She was then and still is the apple of my eye.  It has been her support and motivation that have led me to pursue this passion over the years.

We married to a promise that every year we would travel to places where neither of us had visited.  Over forty countries and five continents later, an interest in photography has become a passion for creating vivid and lasting images of people and wondrous places. These experiences have formed the essence of what Oliveros Fine Photography aims to do; to capture people and their world in motion.  I focus my creativity in three areas of photography.  People in Motion, Portraits, and Places

When shooting People in Motion my goal is to create images that best capture moments in time between people and their environment; where exhilaration, artistic elegance, or simple quiet relaxation is expressed openly or quietly. These shoots may take place on location, where clients are engaged in an activity that incorporates some element of motion.  My goal during these shoots is to as much as possible stay out of the way and allow the client to naturally engage their environment while the camera captures the images that best convey both the emotion for the moment and the beauty of the location.

My Portraits are shot both in and outdoors and some of my favorites have been candids taken during my travel adventures. My experience is that outdoor portrait photography offers the opportunity and setting for more natural looking photos.  Natural light, rich colors and earth tones, and a more relaxed client make outdoor portraits fun and often more memorable.  However, indoor portraits are also beautiful and allow me to more effectively manipulate light and shadows to create that certain look and feel or emotion.

My Places photography blends artistic elements from the other creative styles I pursue.  When traveling with my camera I am passionate about creating great images of people and/or places.  Traveling affords me the opportunity to apply my creativity far away from home.   My preference when doing travel photography is to capture people as they are, naturally, rather than posed.  When shooting landscapes I use light, angles, color, and perspective to create beautiful images that best represent the moment or beauty of the location. 

I am proud to be part of the community of artistic professionals in Bucks County.  I am interested in using photography to enrich the community and the lives of its people, including my family.  My style is personal and friendly.  I want your photography experience to feel comfortable and stress free from beginning to end.  The greatest compliment that I can receive from a client is to be called a friend at the end of the project.  I look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.



Oliveros Fine Photography