Preparing for Your Photo Shoot

We want your photo shoot and photos to be perfect!  These ideas are not a requirement, but for consideration prior to your photo shoot and to help you and your family prepare for great shots.

Getting plenty of rest and hydration prior to your photo shoot is probably the best way to prepare.  However, there are a few areas where some advanced preparation can contribute to great looking photos.  They include face, hair, hands, skin, clothes, and lifestyle.



Men should consider if trimming of eyebrows or mustaches is necessary.  Women  should consider makeup that accents unique facial features, such as eyes and lips.  Technology today allows us to remove small blemishes, so don’t stress about the last minute bump.  Any makeup used should achieve a natural, even skin tone.  Remember that moist lips look best.


Women’s hair can be beautiful when worn either up or down.  Choose the style that best compliments your facial features or is most appropriate for the occasion.  Bring a hair brush in case we encounter windy conditions.  Avoid hair cuts the week of the shoot, just in case you have an unexpected result!


Women should consider neutral or light nail colors whenever possible.  When shooting for a portfolio avoid painting nails with strong dark colors that may take away from your face, the intended focus point of the picture.


Women should be mindful of neck lines, as well as contrast between face and neck coloring when applying make up. If you want to achieve a sun-kissed look, you may want to consider tanning based on time of year and skin color and tone.  When using moisturizer, avoid lotions that create oily skin.


Clothing should compliment you and the occasion or location of the shoot.  Families or groups should choose clothing and colors that are complimentary and create the look and feel for the image you want to capture.  It’s usually best to stay away from large busy prints and loud vibrant colors.  Be sure to discuss wardrobe with me prior to the photo shoot so that I can understand the look that you are hoping to achieve in your photos.


When shooting portraits it is sometimes desired to include something that tells a story about our identity, passion, or lifestyle.  This may include a fireman’s helmet, the family pet, or an old leather couch.  Regardless of your ideas, we should discuss them so that your portraits truly capture what you are all about.


If your photo shoot involves motion, my primary goal will be to capture you in action.  We should plan to discuss your ideas for best locations and the time in the action that is most important to you.