What to Expect

Before your shoot:

  • You will receive an e-mail confirming your desired photo package and payment terms
  • We will agree on the location for your photo shoot and your plans regarding attire and specific pictures or props while at the shoot.
  • I will scout the location of your shoot to identify ideal spots for your photos
  • One week prior to your photo shoot, you will receive an additional e-mail confirming the address, meeting place, time, and expected weather associated with your shoot.  I will also confirm your plans relating to attire, props, and any specific photos requested.


After your shoot:

  • Your photographs will take two weeks for processing
  • You will receive an e-mail requesting the review of your photo proofs on-line or requesting a time to review the pictures together.  If you have purchased package A, B, or C, you will also be asked to choose a frame for your portrait.
  • Once a frame has been selected, two additional weeks will be required for matting and framing.
  • You will receive another e-mail to schedule the delivery of your photos and confirmation of final payment terms.
  • You may be asked for permission to allow one of your photos to be showcased on the Oliveros Fine Photography website.